Tainted Fantasy


Well hello there and welcome to Tainted Fantasy's Home page. Before you head over to the forums, I would like to tell you about us. Tainted Fantasy is a 18+ Panfandom RPG board. We welcome all kinds of characters from everywhere. Godzilla? Sure! Goku? Why not. Sailor Moon? Yea! You get it now? There is no limit of who you can play as. As long as you have fun.

Things to know before joining us:
  • Our rating is: RPG Rating 2 3 2
  • All Conans and OCs are welcome!
  • We allowed Graphics, Stories and Codes as well.
  • All Rps are set on different Planets which are WIP.
  • We have collectables! such as dolls, 50x50 Stamps, 100x100 bumpers and more
  • Monthly Events both for the site and for RPs.
  • We are still new so things are WIP.
  • We are looking for staff and members.
  • So if you are interested then please join us!