Dark Goddess's Userbar Shop

wanna spend your gil on something? Or maybe set up a shop to earn more gil?
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Dark Goddess's Userbar Shop

Post by SalyaDarken »

Welcome to my small userbar/userbanner shop. We are still WIP and will be adding more things over time or as I learn new things. Tuts can be sent to my PM.
First userbar is free, but you will need to pay if you want another one. Reply to this thread with your orders.

ImagePlease note:
  • I'm still learning
  • I can only do basic things.
  • Can use moving sprites...now to learn how to do blinking text in PS.
  • I started using PS C6... so I'm still working on things.
I will do them for two things. Trades and Gil.

Artwork or Sprites.
Trainer Sprites.

1k for basic.
2K for moving sprites
3K for gifs
ImageWhat I can do:

ImageMoving sprites

ImageGifs with static text:

Form for you to fill out.
Pokemon: ( Link to the sprite please. )
Photo: (If not a sprite.)
Text: ( two words limited. )
Background: ( link )
Trade/coins: ( tell me what you are willing to do. )

Ok once you post your request, give me a week to do it or so to do it. I'm lazy and slow. lol I may be online on here all of the time, but I'm only active at night. lol

Note: For here, first Userbanner is free.
Done requests/Previews:
Image Image Image

What I'm looking for:
Custom PKM sprites of my fav pkm. (Charizard is my most fav but you can ask for a list.)
Custom trainer sprite of my pkm ocs, Sencea, Kikyo, Nira, Vale, Jina(WIP)
custom sprites to make this shop pretty!
Image Image Image

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